Cara de Planta:
Modular vertical gardening system.

Make your spaces greener with a vertical garden. Cara de Planta, which means Plant Face, is a friendly modular vertical gardening system that you can install by yourself, without investing much time and effort in the process. Because it includes its own special wall anchor, the installation can be made by anyone. Without any added framing or extra elements necessary, it’s a versatile decorating option for both outdoors and indoors

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More options
and versatility
for your

Cara de Planta is the only vertical gardening system that adapts to your needs, and lets you decide how you want your vertical garden to work. Combine options.

    Option One
  • Hydroponic Cultivation
    Cultivation that doesn't use soil, and instead replaces it for nutrient rich liquid solutions, necessary for the plants.
  • Automated Drip Irrigation
    Method which saves water by allowing water to slowly drip to the roots of the plants, through a network of pipes, tubing, valves and a timer.
  • Outdoors
    Option Two
  • Soil Cultivation
  • Manual Irrigation
  • Indoors

Getting to know Cara
de Planta's features.

  • Self-watering
  • Healthy roots
  • Modular
  • Thermal / Acoustical Isolation
  • Waterproof barrier
  • Easy installation
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How do I install
my vertical garden?

Setting up your vertical garden never was as easy as it is with Cara de Planta. Gather the following things and get ready to enjoy your greener space.

  • - Drill
  • - Measuring Tape
  • - Marker
  • - Substrate
    The surface where a plant or animal lives upon and grows on.
  • - Plants

To know how to set up your vertical garden with Cara de Planta, follow these simple steps.