How do I set up my Cara de Planta?

Making a vertical garden with Cara de Planta is really easy, just follow the next steps.  Besides, each Cara de Planta comes with installation instructions on its back part.  Remember that the installation is done piece by piece, from left to right (or viceversa), and always from bottom to top.  In this way both lateral and inferior edges overlap, creating the moisture barrier.  Before you get started, BUY YOUR CARA DE PLANTA!

  • Step One:
    Locate and mark.

    Locate the area where you want your vertical garden. Remember, 12 Cara de Planta's make 1m2.

  • Step Two:

    Make holes in wall using a drill with a 5/32" drill bit. Anchor each Cara de Planta using the 2 provided special wall anchors (no dowel needed).

  • Step Three:
    Overlap Horizontally.

    Overlap the lateral edges. Do this installing from left to right or viceversa.

  • Step Four:
    Overlap Vertically.

    Overlap the inferior triangle of one Cara de Planta over the upper part of the Cara de Planta beneath. Do this installing the system from bottom to top.

  • Step Five:
    Plants in mouth.

    To place the plants in the mouth, it's necessary to unbutton the Cara de Planta, and insert the plants (2 max.). Fill in the empty spaces with more growth media.

  • Step Six:
    Plants in hair.

    Once the button is back in place and the Cara de Planta is closed, add more plants to the hair (2 max). Fill in empty spaces with more growth media.

Installation step by step.

If you still have questions about how to install your vertical garden with Cara de Planta, heres is a video for you, which will help you a great deal in your installation.