1. What does Cara de Planta mean? Why is it called like that?

Cara de Planta means “plant face” in english. It’s called like that because it actually is a face! Can you see it?

2. Will my wall get moist or wet?

No. Every Cara de Planta has a waterproof membrane in the back. This keeps the moisture in the soil, and out of your wall.

3. Will my floors get wet?

Not if you use and indoors (girl) Cara de Planta. The girls contain their own water. They have an inner lining made of the same waterproof membrane material that prevents moisture from going to the wall.

4. Can I install it in drywall?

Definitely! Cara de Planta is very light and can be used to plant vertical gardens in any surface.

5. Do I need to prepare the drywall?

No. Please look at question 3.

6. Can I use the indoors Cara de Planta (girl) outside? Can I use the outdoors Cara de Planta (boy) inside?

Yes! You can use each model anywhere you decide.

7. What are the different ways to water my garden? Which one is the best?

Cara de Planta gardens can be watered manually with a hose or a watering can. They can also be watered automatically by a drip irrigation system. This second option makes your garden an almost maintenance free one!

8. Can I make my own vertical garden with Cara de Planta?

Of course! This is why Cara de Planta exists! So you or anyone else can make your own vertical garden without specialized knowledge and tools.

9. What do I need to make my vertical garden with Cara de Planta?

Cara de Planta comes with its own wall anchors. You will only need a drill with a 5/32” drill bit and a measuring tape. It’s that easy!

10. Can I install my garden on curved surfaces? How about corners?

Yes! You can make gardens with Cara de Planta in any surface, wether it’s flat or curve! You can also do corners easily since Cara de Planta is totally flexible and doesn’t need any extra framing!

11. How many pieces do I need to make 1m2?

You need 12 pieces in an array of 4 columns X 3 rows to make a perfect square meter.

12. How many pieces are in each yellow box?

There are 12 pieces (or 1m2) in each yellow box.

13. Is this an eco-friendly product?

Yes! More than 90% of Cara de Planta is made out of recycled PET!

14. Doesn’t the dirt come out through the mouth (second plan outlet)?

No. Everything stays in it’s place. The plants coming out of the mouth block the dirt, so it stays in place.

15. Can I make my garden hydroponic? How?

Of course! With Cara de Planta it’s very easy! Just use an inorganic substrate instead of soil, and water with water with nutrients. You can get these nutrients with General Hydroponics. Read dose carefully and water plants accordingly.

16. Can I plant aromatic herbs and edible plants in Cara de Planta?

Sure! You can plant anything you want! All plants grow happy and healthy in Cara de Planta. If it fits, you can plant it.

17. Does the sun damage the product?

Not at all! The textile PET is very resistant, plus, it’s covered by foliage, so sun rays don’t hit it directly.

18. What is it made of?

Cara de Planta is made out almost entirely out of recycled PET. The waterproof membrane in the back and in the inside of the girl Cara de Planta is made out of PVC treated to prevent the forming of mold and fungus.

19. How many plants can I plant per each Cara de Planta?

You can plant up to 4 plants en each Cara de Planta! Two in the mouth and two in the hair. It all depends on the size of the plants.

20. Can I grow any plant I want?

Yes! You can grow any plant you want, taking into consideration the plant’s light and water needs.

21. Can I grow plants with different light and water needs in the same garden?

We don’t recommend this. The easiest way to maintain your garden is to water it evenly. This means the whole garden will optimally be made out of plants with very similar light and water needs.

22. What is the difference between the indoors (girl) and the outdoors (boy) Cara de Planta?

There are two main differences. The shape and the water containment. The girl is square to hold more water without overflowing, while it’s contained. The boy is triangular so that the excess water comes out the bottom of the Cara de Planta and is directed to the next one right through the middle, with no mess.

23. Will an indoor garden attract insects to my house?

No. Unless you leave your windows open and food lying around, there are no insects.

24. What is the best soil to use?

The best soil has three properties. It’s highly permeably. It’s light. It’s very rich in nutrients. We recommend potting soil, also known as potting mix or potting compost.

25. Can I fertilize my plants?

Easily. You can give plants the treatment they would receive if they were on the ground.