Recommended plants

After you BUY your Cara de Planta, you may wonder which plants to use in it.  This is a brief selection of some of the plants that can go into your Cara de Planta.  If you are wondering about a specific plant, and are not sure if it’s fit for Cara de Planta, it probably is, but still, let us know and we will gladly advice you.

Cultivation types and growth media

  • Soil Cultivation
    For this type of cultivation, we recommend the use of a nutrient rich, good permeability soil.  Do not use soil that gets compacted into clay with water.
  • Hydroponic Cultivation
    Cultivation that doesn't use soil, and instead replaces it for nutrient rich liquid solutions, necessary for the plants.

    For hydroponic growth we recommend the use of chemically inert substrates such as rock wool, expanded clay pellets, gravel or sand.
  • Water.

    • Plenty
    • Regular
    • Low


    • Sun
    • Partial Shadow
    • Shadow


    • North
    • South
    • East
    • West
    • Inside

      Codiaeum Variegatum Evergreen shrub with colorful leaves

      Wandering Jew A plant of the spiderwort species.

      Chlorophytum Comosum Herbaceous perennial species.

      Aptenia Cordifolia Perennial succulent with low water needs.

      Sedum Nussbaumerianum Subshrub with meaty leaves with a copper tone and fragrant flowers.

      Hedera Helix (english ivy) Climbing plant with perennial leaves.

      Vinca Minor Crawling perennial plant with sporadic blue or white flowers.

      Nefrolepis Fern This fern likes the tropical warm weather. It likes moisture in its leaves.

      Green Ipomea Perennial climbing plant.

      Kalanchoe Succulent with sporadic little flowers.

      Rosemary Perennial shrub. Scentful.

      Plectranthum Mona Lavender Perennial plant with little colored flowers...Cara de Planta is colorblind....

      Aglaonema (silver queen) Perennial plant, ideal for interior gardens.

      Ageratum Houstonianum (blue... Plant with green foliage and abundant flowers.

      Adiantum (maidenhair fern) Fernlike plant with small green leaves, with medicinal use.

      Achimenes (cupid’s bow) Lush plant with green foliage and various colored flowers.

      Liriope Spicata (lily turf) Grasslike plant. Very lush when fully developed.

      Tradescantia Pallida (wande... Purple perennial plant. It spreads fast.

      Salvia Splendes (red salvia... Lush perennial plant with green foliage and bright red flowers all year long.

      Salvia Guaranitica (blue sa... Lush perennial plant with green foliage and bright blue flowers all year long.

      Iresine Herbstii (iresine) Perennial plant with a lush bright purple foliage.