What is Cara de Planta?

Cara de Planta is a user friendly modular vertical gardening system, that you can install by yourself, without much hassle and effort. It’s really that easy!

Since it comes with its own wall anchors, its installation can be done by practically anyone. With no need for additional heavy and expensive frames, it’s a versatile option for the decoration of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cara de Planta is a docile system. Not only with its owner, but with its inhabitants, the plants. Its fabulous design gives the plants enough root space to allow their healthy and full development. Besides, Cara de Planta allows plant’s roots to self air prune, keeping them healthy and fibrous.

Put a green smile on your spaces with Cara de Planta, the most versatile, fun and functional modular vertical gardening system. Cara de Planta is a 100% Mexican product.


Get to know Cara de Planta's exciting features:

  • Self-watering

    Just one line of a drip irrigation system at the top of any Cara de Planta garden is enough to keep the whole garden completely watered, regardless of its size. Because of its shape and textile nature, water drips naturally and in an ordered fashion from one Cara de Planta on to the next. Watering is done with regular tap water, no addition of nutrients is necessary.

  • Healthy roots

    The roots of a plant growing in Cara de Planta have plenty of access to air, by way of the air canals formed in between one Cara de Planta and another, and also because of the porosity of the material, which allows air to go deep into the soil, providing the roots with oxygen and allowing them for a healthy development in the way of thin and fibrous root hairs, optimal for the easy absorption of nutrients. These same factors provide the setting for a self air root pruning process. As a thin root hair makes contact with the textile material, it gets in direct contact with oxygen, stunning its growth, and eventually killing it. This, in turn gives way for new root hairs, as the dead one decomposes, eventually turning into nutrients for the same plant.

  • Modular

    Cara de Planta can be expanded vertically and horizontally, so you can go from a touch of green to a full scale huge vertical garden.

  • Thermal / Acoustical Isolation

    When used outdoors, Cara de Planta acts as a barrier that blocks sunlight completely, which in turn is absorbed by the plants to use for energy. Cara de Planta reduces heat transfer between inside and outside dramatically, reducing the need for cooling during summer and heating during winter. The plants' foliage, along with the textile material, and the growth media are excellent sound absorbers, which reduce unwanted noise.

  • Waterproof barrier

    Each Cara de Planta has an integrated moisture barrier at its back. This prevents moisture from filtering on to the vertical surface. This, along with Cara de Planta's typical installation, in a tile manner (overlapping lateral and inferior edges), guarantees that the surface stays clean and dry.

  • Easy installation

    Cara de Planta doesn't need any additional heavy frames for its installation. Each Cara de Planta comes with its own special wall anchors (no dowel needed). It's designed so that the user can install it hassle free, in no time at all, and the installation instructions are included in the back.

Get to know Cara de Planta's anatomy.

Outdoors Cara de Planta

Indoors Cara de Planta

Place cursor over text to get to know Cara de Planta's anatomy.

  • 1. 2 special wall anchors (inside, not visible)
  • 2. Grommets for wall anchoring
  • 3. (Eye) open / close button
  • 4. (Hair) top plant outlet
  • 5. (Mouth) central slit / plant outlet
  • 6. Drip irrigation system preparation
  • 7. Waterproof barrier (back part, not visible)

Outdoors Cara de Planta

Indoors Cara de Planta

What’s the difference between an outdoors Cara de Planta vs. an indoors one? The outdoors one lets excess water drip from one Cara de Planta to another in an orderly fashion, while the indoors one has a reservoir which does not allow this to happen, keeping walls and floors clean and dry.

And what happens with the water that builds up in the bottom? Isn’t this bad for the plants?  Indoors Cara de Planta has a tongue that goes from its upper part, down to the bottom, where it makes contact with the stored water.  As it makes contact with it, it absorbs it, and through capillarity returns it to the earth and roots, preventing the growth media from rotting.

Outdoors Cara de Planta

It drips.
Take advantage of the self- watering feature.
Can be used indoors, together with the indoors Cara de Planta.

Indoors Cara de Planta

Can be used indoors and outdoors
Water reservoir prevents dripping, keeping floors and walls clean.